Management Science, Fundamental Science?

Scientific meeting around Armand Hatchuel’s work

7th December 2021

from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

at MINES ParisTech

On the occasion of Armand Hatchuel’s retirement as a professor at Mines ParisTech – PSL, this meeting will bring together scholars from various horizons to review his scientific work and its actual and potential impacts, from different perspectives. The objective will be to go back to the scientific cooperation that has influenced his research trajectory and to discuss the questions it has opened for further research.

The day will be organized in 6 roundtables 

Round Table n°1

Epistemology of generative sciences and intervention-research in management

Round Table n°2

Design theory: models of creative thought and post-decisional paradigm

Round Table n°3

Conceptive reason: philosophical and cultural issues

Round Table n°4

Theory of the enterprise : collective creation and learning

Round Table n°5

The governance of the responsible enterprise: management norms and mission

Round Table n°6

Bene gesta in history and culture: “prescription relationships”, rationality and responsibility

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This day will take place in hybrid format. You therefore have the choice to attend face-to-face or remote. We invite you to register here.

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